The Astrology of Relating by Frank Clifford

Gain life-changing insights on your relationships

Join Frank Clifford to uncover the benefits of astrology.

What will I learn?

This course is an investigation into how you can skillfully remain true to yourself in any relationship, to “live the life you were born to live” and to support your friends, colleagues and loved ones to fulfill their potential and to be the best that they can be.

Is astrology for me?

Astrology can give you profound insights and life-changing advice on all of your relationships – in romance, friendship, profession, with your life partners and family. Primarily a tool for self-knowledge leading to self-empowerment (rather than for prediction leading to waiting for things to come) the Astrology of Relating can provide you with an immense knowledge base for understanding your deepest needs, challenges and strengths in yourself and in those relevant to you.

How does astrology relate to my relationships?

In this comprehensive course Frank Clifford will show you what astrology can offer you in the field of relationships, covering your all-important six astro-points of relating, the relevance of your element and mode in astrological compatibility, the role of your planetary ruler, your ascendant and descendant, and much more.

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About The Astrology of Relating

Course aims:
  • To provide you with a practical astrological guide to your relationship needs, attitudes, responses and expectations
  • To review your zodiac sign and all other relevant other planetary placements in your birth chart, as well as your ascendant
  • To give you access to a free chart service that will help you discover the signs in which each of your astro-points is placed
  • To examine the principal astrological indicators that reveal your compatibility (synastry) in the birth chart
  • To discuss the twelve signs of the zodiac as archetypes of human experience, stages in the journey of life, and types of expression of a planet’s energy
  • To exemplify and demonstrate the astrological influences in the relationships of some celebrity couples

Course Contents:

THE LESSONS ( (1 hour 49 minutes total)

Introduction (7:42 mins)

Lesson 1: Astrology and Compatibility (17:36 mins)

Lesson 2: The Planetary Movers and Shakers (22:25 mins)

Lesson 3: The Zodiac Signs (46:40)

Lesson 4: Putting it Together (10:51)

Final Thoughts (3:35)

About Frank:

Frank Clifford is a London-based astrologer and palmist who has studied, taught and written on both subjects for almost 30 years. His media work has included documentaries with the BBC, Channel 5 and for Danny Boyle’s feature film Sunshine, being profiled in the Daily Express and the Guardian (who dubbed him ‘palmist to the stars’), and working with Universal Studios and Oxford

University Press.

His books have been published in a dozen languages and Palmistry 4 Today was heralded by many as the modern textbook on the subject. Frank lectures internationally and runs Certificate and Diploma courses (online and in person) and seminars in astrology and palmistry via his popular London School of Astrology (, which now has divisions in China, Japan and several Latin American countries.

In 2012, Frank received a lifetime achievement award for his work in astrology, and this was followed by a writing honour in 2016. His website can be found at and hisoffice email is [email protected].

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